Why branding is so important for your brand

Do you have your own product, brand, or social media platform? Then it’s important to think about your branding and designs.  

What is a branding?

A branding is a ‘corporate identity’. It’s often designed by a company specialized in graphic design. They can be recognized by elements such as:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Photography
  • Layout of designs

So, all visual elements that determine the identity of an organization. This increases the recognizability of the company or brand and offers a differentiation from your competition.

Why is branding important?

This mainly concerns the appearance of your company or product. You can achieve this look by means of a branding strategy. You naturally want to transfer the properties and thoughts behind the products as well as possible. A good design contributes to this, for example recognizing the font or a nice logo.

What is typography?

Everything that belongs to the formatting of the texts. Think of the choice of fonts, line spacing and white space. The choice of these aspects influences reaching and setting the right tone for a certain target group. With a strong branding you ensure that people trust your company and learn to recognize it.  The aim is for people to form an emotional connection with your product, brand, or company. This contributes to growth, but also ensures long-term relationships with customers and companies or people you work with.  That’s why it is smart to engage a specialized. You can then discuss what your goals are around your branding and view the options from there on.

Successful branding and marketing

Branding has a positive effect on marketing. That’s because you give content to the marketing strategy. Your brand is a pull, and the marketing is a push!

Branding strategy

When you work on your brand, you look for a good and appropriate strategy. So you think about the story you want to tell, and the feeling and emotion you want to evoke. Online marketing is then the way in which you actively put the products and services that belong to your brand on the map. You show your offer on various channels and tell your target group how those products or services will help. With your branding in order, that is of course a lot easier.

Position your branding with a personality

With good branding you therefore respond to the emotion. See your brand as a person with its own distinct, character and behavior. If you consistently convey this behavior, you become recognizable, and recognition leads to an emotional response. Just think of Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nike, or Adidas. You see! Only mention the name and it arouses an emotion.

Do you also want to start a brand and start with a branding?

Have a look at my portfolio or feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m happy to help you design a successful brand, so that you can make a professional start!

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